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Stickler Syndrome

Synonyms of Stickler Syndrome
  • Arthro-Ophthalmopathy
  • Arthro-Ophthalmopathy
  • Epiphyseal changes andHigh myopia
  • Epiphyseal Changes and High Myopia
  • Hereditary Arthro-Ophthalmopathy
  • Ophthalmoarthropathy
  • Ophthalmoarthropathy
  • weissenbacher-Zweymuller syndrome
  • Weissenbacher-Zweymuller Syndrome

Disorder Subdivisions

  • Stickler syndrome type I
  • Stickler syndrome type II

General Discussion
Stickler syndrome refers to a group of disorders of the connective tissue that affect multiple organ systems of the body such as the eyes, skeleton, inner ear, and/or the head and face. Connective tissue, which is the material between cells of the body that gives the tissue form and strength, is found all over the body. Connective tissue is made up of a protein known as collagen of which there are several different varieties found in the body. Stickler syndrome often affects the connective tissue of the eye, especially in the interior of the eyeball (vitreous humor), the specialized tissue that serves as a buffer or cushion for bones at joints (cartilage) and the ends of the bones that make up the joints of the body (epiphysis). Five distinct forms of Stickler syndrome have been identified in the medical literature based on location of the mutated gene and inheritance pattern.

Stickler syndrome type I (STL1) is responsible for approximately 75 percent of reported cases and presents with a wide variety of symptoms (eye, ear, jaw and cleft, joints) and occurs due to mutations of the COLA21 gene on chromosome 12q13.11 ? q13.3. The inheritance pattern is autosomal dominant.

Stickler syndrome type II (STL2) occurs due to mutations of the COL11A1 gene on chromosome 1p21 . The inheritance pattern is autosomal dominant.

Stickler syndrome type III (STL3) has been described as a ?Stickler-like? syndrome that affects the joints and hearing without involving the eyes. It occurs due to mutations of the COL11A2 gene on chromosome 6p21.3. The inheritance pattern is autosomal dominant. This form is now considered the same disorder as heterozygous oto-spondylo-mega-epiphyseal dysplasia (OSMED). For more information on heterozygous OSMED see the NORD report on this disorder.

A mutation in a fourth gene, COL9A1, located on chromosome 6q13, has been identified in one reported kindred with Stickler syndrome (Stickler syndrome type IV or STL4). The inheritance pattern is autosomal recessive.

Additional cases of Stickler syndrome have been reported that are not associated with any of the identified Stickler genes suggesting that at least one more as yet unidentified gene may be associated with Stickler syndrome.

Organizations related to Stickler Syndrome
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  • Stickler Involved People
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  • Stickler Syndrome Support Group
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    Home page: http://www.stickler.org.uk

For a Complete Report

This is an abstract of a report from the National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. ? (NORD). A copy of the complete report can be obtained for a small fee by visiting the NORD website. The complete report contains additional information including symptoms, causes, affected population, related disorders, standard and investigational treatments (if available), and references from medical literature. For a full-text version of this topic, see http://www.rarediseases.org/search/rdblist.html